Web-based Tool for Interactive Analysis of Crime Data on the Maps

Abstract—Today, crime maps have been intensively used in
crime studies by a lot of branches of science. The main purpose
of crime mapping is to discover crime scenes and analyze them.
This paper includes mapping of police-judicial category crime
data published in “Bizim Kocaeli” newspaper between 2011 and
2012 years on maps and web-based application enabling user
analysis related to these data. The user can search according to
crime type, date, scene, offender’s age and sex. Also, the user
can view all crimes, which occur in a specific location,
graphically and change of the crimes according to years.
Moreover, the user can view the route the nearest police station
to a crime. With this study, hotspots can be easily identified and
the peace and security of society can be achieved. So, it
contributes social and economic life.


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