Vector Modelling of Island Satellite Images for Spatial Datasets

Suleyman Eken, Ahmet Sayar, Vector Modeling of Island Satellite Images for Spatial Databases, International Science and Technology Conference (ISTEC), Istanbul, Turkey, December 7-9 2011, pp.25-30. ISSN 2146-7382


Raster-to-vector conversion, i.e. vectorization, has key functionalities in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), image processing for Remote Sensing, and conversion of technical drawings (analog to digital) in engineering applications. This study presents a technique to convert a raster image into a vector data as object sets by using edge-detection algorithms, which enables spatial queries on image data. In this architecture, we first apply Sobel operator to grayscale image to find out the edges, and then, convert the edges into binary-level with Otsu threshold technique. In the next step, we apply 4-way scan to find out the border pixels of the image, and create a convex hull covering those pixels by aid of Gift Wrapping algorithm. Finally, points of the convex-hull are stored into the database as a polygon and corresponding image is made ready for the spatial queries. The proposed technique is applied on a real-world island image, and PostgreSQL with its PostGIS module is used as a spatial database. The efficiency of the proposed technique is examined by the simulations.

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