Tracking a single node’s availability for communication by means of observing local system resources

Abstract—“Movement of Enhancing Opportunities and
Improving Technology”, abbreviated as Fatih, is among the most
important educational projects in Turkey, in which students and
teachers can use their tablet PCs to obtain educational data (text,
images, media, etc.) stored in cloud services. However, the limited
network bandwidth and increase in both the number of users and
their educational data sizes degrade the system performance and
even negatively affect the overall usability of the system. Using
proxy server is an approach to both decreasing network traffic
and increasing the efficiency in data transfers between end users
and cloud services. In this approach, it is critical that when
synchronization process will be performed. In this paper,
bandwidth utilization, CPU and memory usage information have
been examined for obtaining accurate synchronization time for
this school level proxy server based distributed systems
architecture. In order to minimize effect of too large and too
small CPU and memory usage data, we use min-max
normalization. Also, multiple linear regression is used to estimate
a node’s availability for communication. Experimental results
show that proposed technique is feasible not only for school level
proxy server based systems but also for other systems.


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