Chaining Data and Visualization Web Services for Decision Making in Information Systems

Abstract. Decision making in information systems increasingly relies on analyses of data in visual formats which are created from distributed heterogeneous data belonging to the separate organizations. This paper presents distributed service architecture for creating and managing the production of knowledge from distributed collections of data sources through integrated data- views. Web Services provide key … Read more

Ant-based interactive workflow management: a case study on RMI

This paper proposes a web-based interactive workflow definition and invocation system assisting users in orchestrating a set of distributed services-activities and expressing complex dependencies between them in XML. We use Ant, which is a Java-based and freely distributed commodity tool, for workflow definitions and workflow engine. Adopting Ant as a workflow engine provides platform independence … Read more

The QuakeSim Project: Web Services for Managing Geophysical Data and Applications

Marlon E. Pierce, Geoffrey C. Fox, Mehmet S. Aktas, Galip Aydin, Zhigang Qi, and Ahmet Sayar. The QuakeSim Project: Web Services for Managing Geophysical Data and Applications. Pure and Applied Geophysics April, 2008. Volume 165, Numbers 3-4, pp. 635-651, DOI 10.1007/s00024-008-0319-7. Editorial Birkhauser Verlag, ISBN 3764387564 / 9783764387563. Abstract: We describe our distributed systems research … Read more

Ant based interactive tools for workflow management

The Apache Ant presents certain characteristics that seem to make it suitable as a workflow language and engine. Features such as native dependency structured build targets make it easy to write declarative dependency-based workflows. We propose a framework enabling Ant build files (and its specifications) to be used as workflow scripts. Features like being semi … Read more