A Service Oriented Framework for Animating Big Spatiotemporal Datasets

We propose a service oriented distributed system framework for animating big spatiotemporal vector datasets. The aim is exploiting the patterns in spatial data dynamically changing over time. Animation consists of succes- sively played and temporally related still map images. Each map image in the animation is a satellite map enriched with (or plotted over) spatiotemporal … Read more

Service Oriented Visual Interpretation Tool For Time Series Data

In  statistics ,  signal processing ,  econometrics  and  mathematical finance , a time series is a sequence of  data points , measured typically at successive time instants spaced at uniform time intervals. In this paper, the proposed system for time-series data visualization is a distributed loosely coupled system enabling data and resource sharing over the Internet, for … Read more

An automated technique to determine spatio-temporal changes in satellite island images with vectorization and spatial queries

Abstract. For spatio-temporal and topologic analyses, vectorial information (car- rying coordinate values defined as point sets) gives better information than its raster (grid of pixels) counterpart. The study presented in this paper is based on (i) recogni- tion and extraction of an island object in a set of digital images captured by LandSat-7 satellite and … Read more