Service Oriented Visual Interpretation Tool For Time Series Data

In  statistics ,  signal processing ,  econometrics  and  mathematical finance , a time series is a sequence of  data points , measured typically at successive time instants spaced at uniform time intervals. In this paper, the proposed system for time-series data visualization is a distributed loosely coupled system enabling data and resource sharing over the Internet, for … Read more

Chaining Data and Visualization Web Services for Decision Making in Information Systems

Abstract. Decision making in information systems increasingly relies on analyses of data in visual formats which are created from distributed heterogeneous data belonging to the separate organizations. This paper presents distributed service architecture for creating and managing the production of knowledge from distributed collections of data sources through integrated data- views. Web Services provide key … Read more

Service Oriented Warning System for Detection of Abondened Object in Video Surveillance

Abstract— Video surveillance systems have been used in various applications such as traffic monitoring, detecting military threats and public safety. In this study we present a service oriented real-time automated framework to detect both abandoned objects and video tampering attempts. The technique is based on foreground and background analyses of the images in the videos … Read more