A Novel Signaling Protocol (ARCSPXP): Case Study on Synchronization of Educational Data

Abstract To define the state of communication, a lot of signaling protocol has been studied by many researchers. In this paper, we firstly focus on a new hybrid optimized signaling protocol, ARCSPXP (ARDIC Cloud Service Platform Extension Protocol), which is specialized to mobile devices which are communicating with cloud based services via its internet connection. … Read more

A method for localization of computational node and proxy server in educational data synchronization

Abstract. Localization methods enable estimating locations accurately and provide location information pertaining to mobile devices, people, cars, data and equipment. Accurate location detection is a vital process for most of location-based applications such as emergency rescue, in-building guidance, security services, and product tracking in hospitals. This paper addresses localization of student/teacher tablets and school level … Read more

Estimation of Idle Time for Synchronization: A Case Study on Fatih Project

Abstract—Tablets receive educational data from cloud servers in envisaged structure of Fatih (Movement of Enhancing Opportunities and Improving Technology) project. Constraints such as increasing educational data size, droping in internet connection speed and limited bandwidth cause increasing time and cost for data transfers. Employing school level proxy server in Fatih project ecosystem is promising approach … Read more

Analyzing Distributed File Synchronization Techniques for Educational Data

“Movement of Enhancing Opportunities and Improving Technology”, abbreviated as Fatih, is among the most important educational projects in Turkey, in which students and teachers can use their tablet PCs to obtain educational data (text, images, media, etc.) stored in cloud servers. However, the limited network bandwidth and increase in both the number of users and … Read more