A Framework for Recognition and Animation of Chess Moves Printed on a Chess Book

Abstract: The work presented in this paper proposes a set of techniques to animate chess moves which are printed on a chess book. Those techniques include (1) extraction of chess moves from an image of printed page, (2) recognition of chess moves from the extracted image, and (3) displaying digitally encoded successive moves as an … Read more

An Approach For Stitching Satellite Images in a Bigdata Mapreduce Framework

In this study we present a two-step map/reduce framework to stitch satellite mosaic images. The proposed system enable recognition and extraction of objects whose parts falling in separate satellite mosaic images. However this is a time and resource consuming process. The major aim of the study is improving the performance of the image stitching processes … Read more

Animating Chess Moves Recorded on the Chess Informant

In this study, we focus on animating chess games recorded on chess informant. This involves recognition of chess characters as well as moves and playing them on chessboard. The proposed technique eliminates false recognitions by means of controlling possible moves in accordance with the rules of chess (semantics). The paper produces solution for figurine algebraic … Read more