iSERVO: Implementing the International Solid Earth Research Virtual Observatory by Integrating Computational Grid and Geographical Information Web Services

Abstract—We describe the goals and initial implementation of the International Solid Earth Virtual Observatory (iSERVO). This system is built using a Web Services approach to Grid computing infrastructure and is accessed via a component-based Web portal user interface. We describe our implementations of services used by this system, including Geographical Information System (GIS)-based data grid … Read more

A Distributed Map Animation Framework for Spatiotemporal Datasets

Maps are an excellent way to present data that have spatial components. However, when the data being presented vary over time, a simple two-dimensional map ignores an important feature of the data. An animated map that shows a series of two-dimensional maps at successive points in time allows one to add a time dimension to … Read more

Developing a Web Service-Compatible Map Server for Geophysical Applications

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) defines a number of standards (both for data models and for online services) that have been widely adopted in the Geographical Information System (GIS) community. In this paper we will describe our group’s efforts to implement GIS services according to OGC standard specifications in accordance with the Web Services approach. … Read more

How to extract lat/long from point shape file?

You can do this with QGIS. Layer->Add Vector Layer-> source type (file) and then browse for the shape file-> ok Vector-> Geometry Tools-> Export-Add Geometry Columns-> Select Input Layer vector from dropdown list->Calculate using (Layer CRS) Go back to Layer->Open Attribute Table->Select all the rows with Ctrl+A->Click the button named ”Copy Selected Rows to Clipboard” … Read more

KOU Muhendislik Fakultesinde Simdiye Kadar Verdigim Dersler

Simdiye Kadar Kocaeli Universitesi Bilgisayar Muhendisliginde Verdigim Dersler 1. Bilgisayar Grafikleri 2. Is Hayatinda Ingilizce 3. Java Programlama 4. Nesneye Yonelik Programlama 5. Olasilik Istatistik 6. Programlama Dilleri 7. Programlama Lab 1 8. Programlama Lab2 9. Yazilim Lab 1 10. Yazilim Lab 2 11. Ileri Bilgisayar Grafikleri (Yuksek Lisans) 12. Dagitik Sistemler (Yuksek Lisans) 13. … Read more