DIFET: Distributed Feature Extraction Tool For High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Images

In this paper, we propose distributed feature extraction tool from high spatial resolution remote sensing images. Tool is based on Apache Hadoop framework and Hadoop Image Processing Interface. Two corner detection (Harris and Shi-Tomasi) algorithms and five feature descriptors (SIFT, SURF, FAST, BRIEF, and ORB) are considered. Robustness of the tool in the task of … Read more

A Distributed Map Animation Framework for Spatiotemporal Datasets

Maps are an excellent way to present data that have spatial components. However, when the data being presented vary over time, a simple two-dimensional map ignores an important feature of the data. An animated map that shows a series of two-dimensional maps at successive points in time allows one to add a time dimension to … Read more

Ant-based interactive workflow management: a case study on RMI

This paper proposes a web-based interactive workflow definition and invocation system assisting users in orchestrating a set of distributed services-activities and expressing complex dependencies between them in XML. We use Ant, which is a Java-based and freely distributed commodity tool, for workflow definitions and workflow engine. Adopting Ant as a workflow engine provides platform independence … Read more

En Uzun Ortak Küme Algoritmasıyla Dağıtık Görüntü Eşleme

Büyük ölçekli paralel ve dağıtık hesaplama donanımlarının yanında, birçok görüntü işleme algoritmaları gündelik hayatta kullanılan sıradan bilgisayarlar üzerinde de geliştirilebilir. Bu anlamda, MapReduce Google tarafından önerilen paralel hesaplama modelidir. Görüntü birleştirme (Eng. registration) etme olarak da adlandırılan görüntü eşleştirme işlemi en çok karşılaşılan görüntü işleme çalışmalarından biridir. Görüntü birleştirme, görüntülerin tek ortak bir düzleme düzenlenmesi … Read more

Vectorization of Large Amounts of Raster Satellite Images in a Distributed Architecture Using HIPI

Abstract—Vectorization processes focus on grouping pixels of a raster image into raw line segments, and forming lines, polylines or polygons. To vectorize massive raster images regarding resource and performance problems, we use a distributed HIPI image processing interface based on MapReduce approach. Apache Hadoop is placed at the core of the framework. To realize such … Read more

Sleep Stage Classification: Scalability Evaluations of Distributed Approaches

Processing and analyzing of massive clinical data are resource intensive and time consuming with traditional analytic tools. Electroencephalogram (EEG) is one of the major technologies in detecting and diagnosing various brain disorders, and produces huge volume big data to process. In this study, we propose a big data framework to diagnose sleep disorders by classifying … Read more