DIFET: Distributed Feature Extraction Tool For High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Images

In this paper, we propose distributed feature extraction tool from high spatial resolution remote sensing images. Tool is based on Apache Hadoop framework and Hadoop Image Processing Interface. Two corner detection (Harris and Shi-Tomasi) algorithms and five feature descriptors (SIFT, SURF, FAST, BRIEF, and ORB) are considered. Robustness of the tool in the task of … Read more

Estimation of Idle Time for Synchronization: A Case Study on Fatih Project

Abstract—Tablets receive educational data from cloud servers in envisaged structure of Fatih (Movement of Enhancing Opportunities and Improving Technology) project. Constraints such as increasing educational data size, droping in internet connection speed and limited bandwidth cause increasing time and cost for data transfers. Employing school level proxy server in Fatih project ecosystem is promising approach … Read more

Hadoop Plugin For Distributed and Parallel Image Processing

Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) is widely used in large-scale data storage and processing. HDFS uses MapReduce programming model for parallel processing. The work presented in this paper proposes a novel Hadoop plugin to process image files with MapReduce model. The plugin introduces image related I/O formats and novel classes for creating records from input … Read more

KOU Muhendislik Fakultesinde Simdiye Kadar Verdigim Dersler

Simdiye Kadar Kocaeli Universitesi Bilgisayar Muhendisliginde Verdigim Dersler 1. Bilgisayar Grafikleri 2. Is Hayatinda Ingilizce 3. Java Programlama 4. Nesneye Yonelik Programlama 5. Olasilik Istatistik 6. Programlama Dilleri 7. Programlama Lab 1 8. Programlama Lab2 9. Yazilim Lab 1 10. Yazilim Lab 2 11. Ileri Bilgisayar Grafikleri (Yuksek Lisans) 12. Dagitik Sistemler (Yuksek Lisans) 13. … Read more