Some Tools To Manage All Your Passwords

The advent of Web 2.0 and the rise of social networking sites and other web services has compelled most of us to create dozens of new accounts – each requiring a username and a password.

While the easier option would be to maintain a single username and password for all your online accounts, it is not advisable from a security point of view. Lack of strong passwords makes it easy for hackers to break into your accounts. Hence it is better to have a unique and strong password for every online account you maintain.

And of course, it is very important to remember all those different passwords, which unfortunately, not everyone of us is capable of.

Some tools to manage all your passwords:

* Keepass
Keepass is an excellent password manager which is free, open-source and available for all the platforms (for Mac and Linux, KeepassX is available). It only requires you to remember a single master password for all your passwords. It is also available as a portable app for mobile phones.

* Roboform
Roboform for Windows is a robust password manager which also helps you easily fill web forms. It provides a browser extension for both IE and Firefox and also comes with a portable version. It is available for free with limited features. The pro version will set you back by $29.95.

* Firefox
Firefox’s in-built password manager could be a good option too for managing your web passwords. There’s also an option to create a master password which you might want to do in case you want to add an extra layer of security to your passwords. Here is how you can do it.

* Sxipper
Sxipper is an awesome Firefox extension which helps you to fill in forms, manage passwords and Open IDs. It helps you create separate identities for the purpose of filling in web forms and uses the Firefox’s in-built password manager to store all your passwords.

* LastPass
LastPass has recently added some cool features and could well become the most popular password manager out there. It helps you to create strong passwords, manage them from anywhere and fill in web forms. It works as a browser add on and also offers to import passwords from other password managers. And it helps you use them on any public computer too.

* Clipperz
Like LastPass, Clipperz is also an online password manager which not only stores passwords but also information like bank account numbers and credit card numbers. And as they mention, it uses very strong encryption technology to ensure that they themselves don’t come to know about your usernames and passwords.

* Password Hasher
Password Hasher is a nice Firefox extension whose main task is to create strong passwords for you. It is simple to use and uses one master key to generate multiple passwords.

* 1Password
And finally, we have the most popular password manager for Mac computers. 1Password is not free but works very well for Mac users and hence it is quite popular. It does what Roboform does for Windows and sports similar features. It also has a cool iPhone app which works great for iPhone/iPod touch users.



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