Real-Time Traffic Rules Infringing Determination Over the Video Stream: Wrong Way and Clearway Violation Detection

Abstract— Video processing techniques are used in research
areas about traffic for many purposes such as measuring
traffic density, crash detection, vehicle classification and
counting. To control the traffic flow and create a safer
environment, vehicle detection, tracking, security lane and
wrong way violation detection is achieved with the developed
system. As known, security lane violation causes units from
security, health or fire departments to not be able to use those
lanes when needed. Also, wrong way violation is one of the
main causes of car crashes. These types of violations directly or
indirectly cause serious numbers of loss of life and property. In
order to prevent such problems, it is very important to detect
the infringers early. In this paper, the wrong way and clearway
violation detection over the video stream in real-time is


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