Linux Commands In A Nut Shell For Advanced Users

[To give read and write permissions on a file biglist to all]
>chmod a+rw fname

[killing a process]
> kill prcNumber
[if the process refuses to be killed]
> kill -9 prcnUmber

[To check your current quota and how much of it you have used]
> quota -v

[To find out how much space is left on the fileserver]
>df .

[Zipping a file]
>gzip filename

[Displaying zipped file]
>zcat filename.gz

[Unzippiing a file]
>gunzip flename.gz

[To see the differences in two files]
>diff file1 file2

[To learn ip address of linux machine]

[Finding a file based on the name]
>find . -name “*.txt”

[Finding the files based on size]
>find . -size +1M

[Recall last command starting with xxx]

[You can increase the size of the history buffer by typing]
set history=100

[Listing the environment variables]

[Changing the password]

IF PICO is not running in a system, use NONO !!!!!

[searching a text overall directory tree]
find . -exec grep -l -i ‘the term u search’ {} \;

[Active process searching]
>ps -ef | grep asayar

[System information]

[scp -Secure Copy]
>scp .

[For cpu info]
>cat /proc/cpuinfo

[setting display]
>setenv DISPLAY ip=0.0

[list the running processes for asayar]
>ps -u asayar
>ps -fu asayar

[searching command]
>whereis [command_name]
>which [command_name]

[save the current directory]
>pshd .

[get the last saved directory]

[creating alies]
> alies dir=’ls’

[secure ftp connection]

[secure shell connection]

[info about disk]
>df: disk free
>du: disk usage
>du -s display total disk size

[getting info about Operating system]
>uname -a

[getting info about Memory]

[info about active process of a user]
>ps -u user_name

[shows the active path]

[display some parts of the file_name]
>head file_name
>head -20 file_name     first 20 lines
>tail file_name
>tail -30 file_name      last 30 lines

[create and empty file]

[word count of a file]
>wc file_name
#of_lines #of_words  #of_characters

[how many users on the system]

[zip and unzip commands]
>compress myout
>uncompress myout.z
>gzip myout
>gunzip myout.z
>gtar xvf xxx.tar.gz   :extracting tar file
>jar cvf myWar.war
>jar xvf myWar.war
>tar cvf concheck.tar *

> cd /   : takes you to root

>history   : all the commands

>man ‘command_name’

>echo s*   :all the files whose names start with s

>setenv DISPLAY ip:0.0

> find ‘path’ -name ‘file_name’

kill -9 pronumber

ps -fu asayar
ps -u asayar

ls > myout.txt
ls >> myout.txt



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