Development of Java Web Services with Eclipse

Web Service applications require a couple of libraries such as axis, servlet-container and java software development kits. If you want to build a Web Service application on the Eclipse IDE, you have to be careful. Below you will see the basic steps when you go through any tutorial you find on the web.

Before starting, please download/install the below list.
Please do NOT use any other versions of these software/library packages. In other case you will encounter many debugging problems that you can not cope with in eclipse.

Get the below packages with the right versions

Dynamic web module 2.4 (you dont need to download it is already in eclipse)
apacxhe tomcat 5.5
java 5
1. Setting axis2 runtime env
Window-preferences-WebServices-Axis2 Preferences
C:Program Filesaxis2-1.5 and ok

Next we need to create a project with the support of Axis2 features. Open File -> New -> Other… -> Web -> Dynamic Web Project

Give the project a name
set the target runtime Apache Tomcat v5.5
Dynamic Web Module version 2.4
Add java 1.4 and set

Right click on the project name and select Project facets
click “Axis2 Web Services”

Select, open File -> New -> Other… -> Web Services -> Web Service
-chose web service runtime first
Apache Axis2




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