Integration Of Opengl Graphic Libraries With Spatial Database As an Analysis and Visualization Tool

Geographic and non-geographic attributes of spatial datasets enable them to be
integrated and analyzed in many GIS applications through visualization and analysis
tools. The coordinate values of spatial datasets are defined by SRS (Spatial Referencing
System) and projection together, and converted to the screen (view) coordinates through
coordinate transformations. In this study, we approach this issue in reverse order. We
create digitized object in view coordinates by interactive tools developed in open source
OpenGL graphics libraries and convert them in real world spatial data. Spatial datasets
are stored as vector objects such as points, lines and polygons in spatial databases in a
predefined SRS and projection system. The effectiveness of the system will be tested
through the application of the spatial queries on the stored objects. Analyses include but
are not limited to calculating the area and circumference of polygons and determining of
the distances between two points (e.g. houses) or polygons (regions).


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