How to extract lat/long from point shape file?

You can do this with QGIS.

  1. Layer->Add Vector Layer-> source type (file) and then browse for the shape file-> ok
  2. Vector-> Geometry Tools-> Export-Add Geometry Columns-> Select Input Layer vector from dropdown list->Calculate using (Layer CRS)
  3. Go back to Layer->Open Attribute Table->Select all the rows with Ctrl+A->Click the button named ”Copy Selected Rows to Clipboard”
  4. Then you can paste it to txt or excel.
  5. Excel is better you can extract any specific column easily.

Make sure if the points in the shape files is in projection EPSG:4326. In other case, you might get very different lat-long values. You should check the CRS of your file, right-click on the layer > Properties > General Check the CRS there. If your vector file does not have a projection, QGIS sets it to EPSG:4326 as default.

You can verify the correctness of latitude and longitude values obtained above on the map. Please check this web site [].


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