container computation

Container computation

Container computation aslında microservices lerin yaratılmasına yol açtı. Şöyleki, microservis kendine ait bir containerde çalışır. Application bunları ayrı yönetir.

serverless architecture takes the step further by making an application more granular to the level of functions and events. We’ve gone from monoliths to microservices to functions. FaaS also improves the shortcoming of PaaS model ie. scaling and friction between development and operations.

by grouping a bundle of functions together behind an API gateway, you’ve created a microservice. This shows that both of these can co-exist in a nice way.

Wouldn’t it be nice if one could pack the application, with all its dependencies, into a dedicated box and run it anywhere? No matter what software dependencies the host system has installed, or where and what the host system actually is?

That’s the idea of containerization. Create a container which has all the required dependencies pre-installed, put your application code inside of it and run it everywhere the container runtime is installed. No more devs saying: “Well, it works on my machine!”


Container vendors:

-Docker by DotCloud
-Kubernetes by Google



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