Some hints making your life easier with Eclipse

//======== Scrapbook: Funtions similar to JUnit test classes. Creating Scrapbook page: Right click on the project name + new + Other+ Java + JavaRun/Debug + Scrapbook Page Examle: write down 2+2 and then Run+Inspect -> see the answer When you work on scrapbook page its default tools will be shown in toolbar. You can also … Read more

Some Tools To Manage All Your Passwords

The advent of Web 2.0 and the rise of social networking sites and other web services has compelled most of us to create dozens of new accounts – each requiring a username and a password.

While the easier option would be to maintain a single username and password for all your online accounts, it is not advisable from a security point of view. Lack of strong passwords makes it easy for hackers to break into your accounts. Hence it is better to have a unique and strong password for every online account

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How To Backup Your Data

In addition to using CD, USB Flash cards, DVDs and external hard drivers, you can also use the alternatives listed below: Google Docs Zoho Windows backup restore center   Büyük Veri, Paralel İşleme ve Akademisyenlik [Link] Veri Analitiği & Büyük Veri [Link]

Courtesy In Email Greetings

Lets assume you know someone whose name is “John Smith” Dear John Dear Mr. Smith Dear Professor Smith Never call someone by their last name without a title     Büyük Veri, Paralel İşleme ve Akademisyenlik [Link] Veri Analitiği & Büyük Veri [Link]

What Is Research ?

It could be useful to discuss “What is Research”. Some might think you talk to your adviser or similar experienced researcher, identify a vaguely interesting topic, write some software, remove obvious bugs, do a performance measurement and write your thesis. However this is not correct; whats described above is not research at all even if … Read more