Building and applying geographical information system Grids

Galip Aydin, Ahmet Sayar, Harshawardhan Gadgil, Mehmet S. Aktas, Geoffrey C. Fox, Sunghoon Ko, Hasan Bulut, and Marlon E. Pierce. Building and Applying Geographical Information Systems Grids. Journal of Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, 25 September 2008. Volume 20, Issue 14, pp. 1653-1695.


We discuss the development and application of Web-service-based geographical information system (GIS) Grids. Following theWS-I approach of building Grids on Web service standards, we have developed data Grid components for archival and real-time data, map generating services that can be used to build user interfaces, information services for storing both stateless and stateful metadata, and service orchestration and management tools. Our goal is to support dynamically assembled Grid service collections that combine both GIS services with more traditional Grid capabilities such as file transfer and remote code execution. We are applying these tools to problems in earthquake modeling and forecasting, but we are attempting to build general purpose tools by using and extending appropriate standards.

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