An implementation of image processing web-services for distributed systems

Recep Bostanci, Levent Erguder, Serkan Macit, Ahmet Sayar, An implementation of image processing web-services for distributed systems, International Science and Technology Conference (ISTEC), Istanbul, Turkey, December 7-9 2011, pp. 163-169. ISSN 2146-7382


This paper introduces a distributed image processing system based on service oriented architecture (SOA). Our aim is wrapping the image processing functionalities and programs as web-services and making them accessible by other distributed systems and end users. The proposed SOA architecture is built by using JAVA technologies, Axis2 Web-service libraries and MatlLab. Matlab provides the image processing functions (such as edge detection) and these are wrapped as Web-services. We also develop an easy to use, interactive GUI to use the proposed image processing web services seamlessly. The system can be accessed not only by the end users having GUI but also by other inter-operable services. The efficieny of the proposed technique is evaluated by some test cases.

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