An automated technique to determine spatio-temporal changes in satellite island images with vectorization and spatial queries

Abstract. For spatio-temporal and topologic analyses, vectorial information (car-
rying coordinate values defined as point sets) gives better information than its raster

(grid of pixels) counterpart. The study presented in this paper is based on (i) recogni-
tion and extraction of an island object in a set of digital images captured by LandSat-7

satellite and (ii) modelling it as a polygon (vectorial) and making it easy to process
and easy to understand for computers and information science applications. Polygon

representations of island images then can be stored and manipulated through object-
relational spatial databases. Spatial databases have built-in functions and services for

spatial objects defined with geometry types such as points, lines, and polygons. By
this way we will be utilizing the rapidly changing and developing object-relational
database communities’ studies and discoveries in spatio-temporal and topological
analysis for the investigation of digital satellite images. This approach also enables
service qualities as well as a better performance. The efficiency and feasibility of the
proposed system will be examined by various scenarios such as earthquake, erosion
and accretion. Scenarios are based on measuring the effects of the natural phenomena
on a selected island on satellite images.


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