A Smart Bus Tracking System Based on Location- Aware Services and QR Codes

Abstract—When it comes to taking the public transportation,
time and patience are of essence. In other words, many people
using public transport buses have experienced time loss because
of waiting at the bus stops. In this paper, we proposed smart bus
tracking system that any passenger with a smart phone or mobile
device with the QR (Quick Response) code reader can scan QR
codes placed at bus stops to view estimated bus arrival times,
buses’ current locations, and bus routes on a map. Anyone can
access these maps and have the option to sign up to receive free
alerts about expected bus arrival times for the interested buses
and related routes via SMS and e-mails. We used C4.5 (a
statistical classifier) algorithm for the estimation of bus arrival
times to minimize the passengers waiting time. GPS (Global
Positioning System) and Google Maps are used for navigation
and display services, respectively.


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